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Botanical Aroma Bars

Botanical Aroma Bars


Relax - Beautifully soothing, drift away with the relaxing waves of Lavender & Lemon fusing seamlessly into a velvety citrus warmth.


Revive - Refresh & restore the senses with this light floral accord. Uplifting notes of peppermint & eucalyptus give way to a heart of delicate rose resting on a floral, woody base.


Invigorate - Energise & excite the senses with the spicy, sweet accord of orange pulp & grapefruit wrapped up with the cool zesty notes of lemon, key lime & green leaf.


Sensuous - A rich Jasmine fragrance with fresh leafy top notes , warm ylang ylang harmonised with fleur d'orange on a spicy, musky base with hints of honey & amber.

  • Additional Info

    Botanical Aroma Bars weigh approx 45-50g.

    Keep wax products out of reach of children & Pets.

    Do not ingest wax products or use on the skin.

    Caution- wax gets very hot when in burner, do not move or touch when hot.

    Full data safety sheets available on request.

    Do not put product onto surfaces other than wax burners/warmers, as may stain or damage surfaces

    Full Data safety sheets Available on request

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