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Crystal Tumblestones

Crystal Tumblestones



Spiritual Properties- Calming & soothing, Healing, Encourages luck & fortune.

Physical Properties- Calms & sooths the brain & nervous system.



Spiritual Properties- Psychic enhancement, 3rd eye opener, calming, anti-stress & anxiety.

Physical Properties- Immune boost, digestive health, headaches, regulates hormones.


Black Onyx

Spiritual Properties- protection, strength, stamina, self control

Physical properties- nervous system support, immune boost, bone strength, stamina.


Clear Quartz

Spiritual properties- master healer, mental clarity, balance, detox

Physical properties-immune boost, clear body of toxins



Spiritual properties- protectio, grounding, self esteem, concentration, dissolves negativity

Physical properties-circulation, blood pressure



Spiritual properties- balance, harmony, abundance, growth

Physical properties- Spleen & liver, Kidneys & bladder, Bone health


Moss Agate

Spiritual properties- emotional balance, tranquility, connection to earth

Physical properties- recovery from illness, lowers fever,anti-inflammatory, immune boost.


Rose quartz

Spiritual properties- love, harmony, peace, healing

Physical properties- strenghtens heart, lungs & circulation, increase fertility.



Spiritual properties- order & calm,  rational thought, communication of feelings, truth.

Physical properties- reduce fever, insomnia, throat issues.


Tigers Eye

Spiritual properies- grounding, confidence, courage.

Physical Properties- Balances endocrine system, speeds metabolism, energy boost.



Spiritual properties- Transformation, Intuition, Creativity

Physical properties- Anti anxiety/stress, Regulates metabolism, Aids Digestion.


Red Jasper

Spiritual properties- Tranquility, courage, quick thinking.

Physical properties- Detox of Circulation, blood and liver, Re-energises the body.


  • Additional Info

    Large Crystal Tumblestones- 20-30g each.

    Every crystal is unique and will vary in shape, size, colour and texture, the pictures are a good representation of the product.

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