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The Big Spring Cleaning Basket

The Big Spring Cleaning Basket


Spring cleaning just got a whole lot more enjoyable with our Big Spring Cleaning Basket! This adorable little storage basket is filled with handmade cleaning themed wax melts scented in popular, well known cleaning and laundry scents. From  Linen Fresh to soothing TalcoRosa, each melt is carefully crafted to evoke the feeling of a clean and refreshed home.

The unique cleaning themed shapes add a fun and whimsical touch to your wax melt collection. Whether you're tackling your annual deep clean or just looking to freshen up your living space, our Big Spring Cleaning Basket is the perfect addition to your home fragrance lineup.


Set Contains- 

1 x Washing machine shape scented in Linen Fresh

2 x Laundry detergent bottle shapes scented in Unstoppably Fresh

2 x Laundry basket shapes scented in Spring Awakening

2 x spray bottle shapes scented in Fabelecto

2 x Sponge shapes scented in TalcoRosa

4 x peg shapes scented in Comfy Strawblily



  • Additional info


    Wax  Weight approx 150g.

    Keep wax products out of reach of children & Pets.

    Do not ingest wax products or use on the skin.

    Caution- wax gets very hot when in burner, do not move or touch when hot.

    Do not put product onto surfaces other than wax burners/warmers, as may stain or damage surfaces

    Full data safety sheets available on request 

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